About us

Devatop International Services, often referred to as DISHive

We are an innovation hive with primary focus on creating cutting-edge services and products that tackle developmental challenges and enhance human services in innovative ways.

Our services cater to the diverse needs of society.

Our work spans a wide spectrum of domains, including ICT, Education, Program Management, Edutainment, Media, Real Estate, and Consultancy. We've positioned ourselves as Africa's solution hive, dedicated to offering services that cater to the diverse needs of society.

What sets us apart is our unconventional approach. We thrive on challenging conventional thinking, actively anticipating the needs and desires of citizens, and leading the charge with novel and effective solutions. We don't conform to the status quo; instead, we consistently develop unique approaches to fulfill the desires and address the needs of our target audience.

Our Services:

Our multifaceted services are designed to create a substantial impact in various sectors:


We harness the power of technology to empower students and young individuals.

Our flagship initiative, the Read2Win, provides youths with a platform to read, learn, and collaborate, while also offering them the opportunity to win valuable rewards.


We recognize the importance of infusing education with entertainment to make learning engaging and enjoyable.

Project Management

providing expert advice, guidance, and services to organizations or individuals to ensure effective planning, execution, and completion of projects


We provide expert consultation services to address a range of challenges and opportunities.

ICT and Media

Leveraging the latest information and communication technologies, we are actively involved in media and content creation.

Development Programs:

Our programs are geared towards fostering development in various aspects of society.

Our Team

Joseph Osuigwe