Female Drivers Association of Nigeria Honors A-TIPSOM Team Leader, Mr. Federico Millan

During the training of 40 Female Drivers on countering human trafficking and smuggling of migrants which held on 13th November 2023 in Abuja, Mr. Federico Millian, Team Leader of A-TIPSOM Nigeria, was presented with the prestigious Certificate of Merit Award. Ambassador Eunice, the President of Female Drivers Association of Nigeria (FEDAN), delivered a heartfelt speech during the award presentation ceremony, recognizing Mr. Millian’s outstanding contributions.

The award signifies Mr. Millian’s historic role as the first A-TIPSOM head of administration in Nigeria to visit the Female Drivers Association office. Ambassador Eunice emphasized the significance of this visit, highlighting FEDAN’s integral role in the value chain dedicated to combating human trafficking, addressing social vices, and fostering capacity building for women across Nigeria.

Acknowledging Mr. Millian’s genuine commitment, Ambassador Eunice mentioned that the A-TIPSOM Team Leader not only acknowledged FEDAN’s efforts but also made substantial contributions by training 40 of its members. The President expressed the association’s deep gratitude, stating, “For all this and more that you have done, we dove our hearts.”

Ambassador Eunice went on to declare FEDAN’s determination to intensify the fight against human trafficking with increased vigor. The association aims to reduce this societal menace to the barest minimum possible, propelled by the support and encouragement received from Mr. Federico Millian.

In concluding her speech, Ambassador Eunice extended sincere thanks to Mr. Millian and A-TIPSOM team in general. The Certificate of Merit Award, presented as a mark of honor, serves as a token of appreciation for their remarkable contributions. She closed by stating, “We celebrate you, Sir.”

The event was marked by a strong sense of determination, with members of FEDAN expressing their collective commitment to the ongoing fight against human trafficking. The association looks forward to continuing their collaborative efforts with A-TIPSOM and similar organizations to create a safer and more secure environment for women in Nigeria.


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